From Harmless Human, 1 Year ago, written in Plain Text.
  11. Time to back track. All five of us are outside and I see a decent looking blonde who looked aloof, so I negged her right away. She stops, I continue talking to and teasing her, her friend walks by and tries to drag her away. I then yell "COME HERE!". She complies. I get her giggling again, and as I number close her, she sees that there are four other Kelly's in my phone and calls me a player. I either ignored her or said some smart ass comment. I forget.
  13. I knew she was one of those girls that's use to guys being her lapdogs, so that's why I kept negging her. She kept laughing, so I knew she was into me. When her friend tried to drag her up the steps, I commanded her attention, like a man should. She was too into me to let get away. When she made the player comment, i just acted like it wasn't a big deal. I felt no need to explain anything to her.
  15. ----
  17. I got a number, so it was time to have some real fun. I started seriously negging every girl that walked by. Some excerpts are:
  19. One of the guys: She thinks she's the shit.
  20. Me: And she smells like it too.
  22. and
  24. Me: NEXT! (anytime a girl would try to talk to me)
  26. At one point I negged a girl as she was walking by with her boyfriend. She slowed down as best she could while smiling and trying to talk to me. She actually turned her head, but her boyfriend was dragging her by her hand.
  28. ----
  30. I then go take a piss, and when I come out, one of the guys introduces me to three girls. One of them was butt fucking ugly (I'll refer to her as Uggles), and the first thing that came out of my mouth was "IM GAY!". A girl then said "You aren't gay". She had piercings and was kinda hot, so I targeted her. I then get her life story, we talk about piercings, and I number close her. However, I stayed to talk to her some more before I excused myself.
  32. Getting her life story is KEY! It allows you to create conversations and connections in so many ways. I keep talking until I find something in common with a girl (in my case, her piercings, and my lebret piercing.) and focus in on it to create a connection. I also learned through constructive criticism from a friend to stay and talk to the girl after I get the number to show that I don't see her as just a sex object.