From Jittery Kitten, 2 Years ago, written in Plain Text.
  9. It can and does happen. It took me years to find the right man and the right method, but being forward worked for me so that I could find a man who was capable of facing my strength without fear and could take me in hand. Don't give up hope!
  11. For years I have had all sorts of responses to my looks. I have had brutes who want to keep me for themselves. I have had weak minded men who need to find my most unattractive feature to empower themselves. But never once, had a man been able to take the most alive part of me and hold it in his hands.
  13. My mind.
  15. Then I met Gary.
  17. Yes he was attracted to me. The whole me he sees. But it was my mind he captured. That part of me that sees him, the world and everything in between.
  19. I stopped responding to touch years ago. But once Gary found the key to my locked mind, I was able to open, to bloom and prosper. Now my body can respond in kind to the images he kindles. And he feeds off my energy. My sexual energy because I like to take most things to their basic level. I excite him by my need to explore, taste, touch and pick up the scent. And he uses his voice to guide and control. Then his own masculine strength to create a need which he conquers. My body and face will linger and show the love in my heart. But it's my mind that grows, expands and lasts through the ages.
  21. Blush

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