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  1. Business Name:
  2. Blended Buds Cannabis
  3. Address:
  4. 5601 Anderson Way Unit # 114, Vernon, BC V1T 9V2
  5. Phone:
  6. (+1) 250-545-5584
  7. Website:  
  9. Description:
  10. Blended Buds is a locally owned licensed retailer with a 7 year heritage starting in Vernon BC. Our goal is to move the industry forward helping remove the stigma while nurturing the culture. We are here to help you thru the process. Whether a first time buyer or seasoned cannabis consumer come discover what to expect when stepping thru the doors of cannabis retail. With a huge selection and palatable pricing we’ll help explain your choices and create an experience that best fits your lifestyle.
  11. Keyword:
  12. Blended Buds Cannabis
  13. GMB Link:

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