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  12. What qualities does a man need to be a good leader?
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  14. For the benefit of men who have not thought about these things before and might appreciate the information or confirmation of their conjectures on this:
  16. 1) What makes a good leader?
  18. 2) What qualities does a man need in order to take charge and be a good leader in his Taken In Hand relationship? What extra qualities are needed in this context?
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  22. An ability to think about what's best for everyone, not just him. A genuine wish to make others happy, not just to get his own way. Being firm about things that matter, more relaxed about things that don't matter so much. Being able and willing to listen to other points of view. An ability to keep his temper, even under trying circumstances. Keeping a sense of humour, and not taking the whole thing too seriously.
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  25. Vision, Planning, and Action
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  27. Leadership, in a broad sense, is the ability to have the vision to see an outcome before the group is aware of it, and devise a plan to get your people there. This could be a financial plan, or that the church needs to consider expanding and a visual picture of a new facility with a plan to organize the people, or a plan for ensuring that the children are properly educated, or even planning an event. Leadership also involves getting your people to realize the perceived vision. It includes motivating (and holding people responsible for their actions), monitoring the progress, taking corrective action when necessary, and attempting to control as many variables as you can to achieve the desired results FOR THE GROUP (not just for yourself.)