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  1. Business name
  2. Ungar Construction Co. Ltd
  3. Address
  4. 405 Railway Ave, Theodore, SK, SOA 4CO
  5. Phone
  6. 306-647-2511
  7. Website
  9. Description
  10. There's only one chance to get your Theodore construction project done right. With Ungar Construction Co. Ltd by your side, you'll have no doubt that your valued contracting work is in the right pair of hands and that your plans will be executed flawlessly. Available for design and build, general contracting, pre-construction, project management, and construction management services, we're ready to serve. Call us today at 306-647-2511. Since 1983, G. Ungar Construction has been a family owned and operated business. From our humble beginnings as an agricultural based land remediation company, Ungar Construction has grown to a diversified civil contractor offering services in trunk main water and sewer construction, lift station construction, flood protection, lagoon and landfill construction, road and railbed construction, aggregate production, pipeline and lease construction, rail and disaster support.
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  13. Hours
  14. Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

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