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  1. Business Name  
  2. Baby Home DMCC
  3. Contact Name
  4. Sally Garvey
  5. Full Address
  6. Baby Home Nursery,  Lake Point Tower Cluster N, Lake Level, Jumeriah Lake Towers, Dubai
  7. Phone Number
  8. 055 9731097
  9. Website
  11. Public Email
  12. Short description
  13. Important note, content here must be original fresh content.    We are a British EYFS Curriculum nursery located in Cluster N, JLT. We accept children from 3 months - 6 years and are open Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm with early drop off options.
  14. Long Description
  15. Again must be unique content    At Baby Home Nursery we have flexible working hours to suit the needs of working parents. Following the EYFS Curriculum our qualified staff provide personalized, discovery-based learning through weekly topics and monthly themes.
  16. Our team is composed of qualified and internationally experienced teachers who are committed to giving children the best foundation for their future education. We pride ourselves on our holistic approach and celebrate diversity. Our teachers take into account the individual learning styles and needs of each child. We have a hands-on approach and believe that learning should be fun and meaningful where creative learning experiences are provided in a safe and stimulating environment.
  17. We have fantastic facilities which include an outdoor play area and a large indoor playroom. Baby Home Nursery has plenty of space and we do not overcrowd our classrooms; offering a fantastic and safe child to staff ratio. As well as teaching  languages, we also offer junior chef activities, water play, musical and sensory experiences. Additionally, we provide extra-curricular activities such as Multi-Sport and Zumnastix. Parents can opt to enroll their child in these exciting weekly sessions.
  18. Parents receive daily feedback from their child’s class teacher and always feel reassured and up-to date with their child’s progress.
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