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  10. I don't think I could stay with a man I feared. I certainly can understand how erotic it can be to feel someone's strength occasionally although I'm not very resistant so I don't like to provoke. What about just more day to day control by him of you personally, what you wear, what make up, scent, even speech, may be a few rituals, that kind of things which can be a fun extra and isn't that hard for him to do from time to time.
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  13. The thrill of fear
  14. Interesting article. I can't relate much to the whole "management" thing myself; I tend to get annoyed at men who try to take charge in that way. That doesn't mean that I'm great at being organized, because it's often a challenge, and I can be pretty chaotic with paperwork. (Oddly, it's something I can deal with at work, but I tend not to apply the same discipline at home.) Still, I think I'd rather develop those skills myself, than have a man treat me as if I need to be taken care of in that way. (But I'd love to be taken care of in other ways; I love it when a man does the cooking, for example.)
  16. But I can really relate to the desire for more physical control, and the the erotic thrill that comes with being afraid of a man you love. It doesn't have to be a huge amount of fear; in fact, too much fear will turn off my sexual response instead of igniting it. But for me there is always at least some little aspect of fear involved in being sexually attracted to a man; if there's no fear there, there's not really much attraction either.