From Whipped Macaw, 2 Years ago, written in Plain Text.
  14. I, like you, like to be conquered. I will not submit to a man if he is not willing to show he is able to "make" me submit on a regular basis. I disagree with Pat; I do not think it is an unrealistic expectation. While she would tire of it, my husband thinks of it as a challenge. He does not think that being the dominant head of the household is more work at all. He does not see it as work that makes him tired. He loves that he has this intelligent, strong, woman who he can bring to submission when he wants. We play a lot too, and he is quite comfortable in his role to remind me of his dominance on a regular basis.
  16. I am not able to give my submission on a silver platter, so there is a challenge to keep it. My husband knows this about me, and he likes it. He says he can only conquer small parts of me for a short time. He would not want me to submit all the time anyway, where is the fun in that? There are men out there who would be willing to keep up with you. I do not think it is unrealistic at all to be looking for one. Although I am not sure how many of them there are out there, I doubt I have the only one, but if I do, sorry you can not have him! :)
  18. About the math thing, I am better at strategy games than my husband far more competitive and he will take me in hand if I beat him too often. He is perfectly comfortable with me being better. He loses like a gentleman, but later he will show me that even if I am better at games, he can always put me in my place any time he wants. It is part of our dynamic, a wonderful spirited part that we would not give up for anything. I understand why you want it; it gives us some kind of balance. Makes us feel good.