From Melodic Armadillo, 1 Year ago, written in Plain Text.
  11. 3) Don’t get drunk and have casual sex. Tipsy is okay, but if you’re too drunk to drive you’re too drunk to fuck. The first time around, at any rate.
  12. 4) Only fuck people you LIKE. If you cannot stand to eat breakfast with them the morning after, you shouldn’t sleep with them. The best fuckbuddy relationships are just that– relationships. They should be casual and commitment-free, true, but they should also involve arguing about Galactic Civilization and making puns at each other and talking politics and stealing each other’s comic books. (Or insert your own description of “friends” here.)
  13. 5) Do not have sex you don’t want to have. The person you are with is capable of masturbating.
  14. 6) Don’t pressure other people into having sex they don’t want to have. You are capable of masturbating.
  15. 7) Know what you want out of sex and be willing to dump someone who doesn’t want it too. If you love cuddles, don’t fuck someone who won’t cuddle. If you’re vanilla as can be, don’t fuck the dude with the mind-boggling collection of hitty toys.
  17. Also, only 1% of college students have relationships? That seems… low. I’d suggest that Wade probably has a non-representative sample, which is extremely common for qualitative research in the social sciences. Nearly everyone I know– including the people who have casual sex– has had at least one relationship.
  19. 19ozymandias October 7, 2011 at 10:48 pm
  20. Also, Susan, it’s a small study because it’s qualitative. An average qualitative study involves two to three hours of interviews with each participant and even more time spent transcribing and combing the responses for common threads, so a very small study still adds up to weeks of work.
  22. 20david foster October 7, 2011 at 11:31 pm
  23. “a bad hookup might ruin your night, but a bad relationship in college can ruin your life”
  25. A bad relationship can ruin your life? Driving to the grocery store can ruin your life if you’re in a sufficiently bad auto accident, but the odds are strongly against it.
  27. Have we become such a culture of fragile wimps that people (men+women) think that falling seriously in love with someone, thinking it’s mutual, and then getting ditched will **ruin your life**??