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  1. Brite Electric LLC
  2. Contact:
  3. Address: 4409 Carstan Loop, Blaine, WA 98230
  4. Phone: 509-707-3713
  5. Website:
  7. About US:
  8. Electrical work in shouldn't be shocking, either from a price or performance perspective. At , our experienced electricians are top shelf and our services such as new installations, inspections, and lighting are all affordably priced. Dial to schedule your local visit. With pure dedication to the finest craftsmanship, clients can consistently expect a solid commitment to quality, strong work ethic, and punctuality. Our personalized options and wide range of prices cater to every budget, so you’re sure to find the solutions you need. Take a look below at all of the services that we offer and get in touch today...
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  12. Operating Hours
  13. Mon - Fri 8 am - 5 pm

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