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  11. into circles: Parent, adult, child. John Bradshaw made child, the inner child, into a cottage industry remember? Bradshaw, who's at The Meadows now, with ... my supervisor, Patrick Carnes, who is the leading sex therapist, as far as I’m concerned, in the U.S. He wrote Out of the Shadows and Don't Call it Love ... And he supervised me for my addiction specialities, from Harvard University Medical School for Addiction, and I am certified in alcoholism and sexual addiction. ...
  13. I like Carl Jung, and I like Sigmund Freud. I'm fairly committed to Sigmund Freud through transactional analysis. But Carl Jung was a partner of Sigmund Freud. He was in Switzerland, while Sigmund was in Austria. And Sigmund was very much into what made people tick, and he said money and sex were biggies. And that, basically, we humans wanted to capture those people called mommy and daddy. Girls wanted to steal daddy from mommy, that's called the Electra Complex. And boys wanted to steal mommy from daddy, which is called the Oedipal Complex.
  15. Carl Jung said: I don't think so. I think that boys want to get in touch with their own inner feminine, not mommy. Mommy may be a bull dyke actually and not be very sensitive anyway, so that boys are to get in touch with their own inner feminine. And he liked the concept of yin-yang, of the Chinese, yin-yang. Which to me was the study of energy, ancient energy.
  17. The distinguishing between thoughts and feelings is because in Pat's system, you agree to "take sides," -- to negotiate in a complementary fashion -- either always as designated in a covenant relationship; or randomly and as desired in a convenient relationship. So, one partner chooses to be the respected leader (the Yang), who is respected for his (or her) thoughts and opinions and gives up his right to freely express his feelings. The other chooses to be the cherished follower (the yin), whose feelings are cherished, but gives up the right to freely express her (or his) wants and opinions.

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