From Bulky Armadillo, 1 Month ago, written in Plain Text.
  10. I decided that the best thing I could do is be hopeful but realistic. It may not happen for me but I shouldn’t give up on the expectation. Neither delusion or nihilistic just the truth. I worked on myself and while I am not the greatest person I realized I wanted to live my life being one less a$$hole (in the general sense) in the world. I realized that being sad and mopey all the time wasn’t helping. I could be nice to next person I meet for no good reason and it wouldn’t matter if I were incel sad etc or not. I could do something good.
  12. I hate the idea that being incel is tied to being a hater of women or violent. Not everyone did something that made them socially “weird”. Among incel people are those with physical disabilities and socially crippling mental disorders. I think the idea that all incel are seemingly categorized as the social misfits is a little much. Some of us fit in just fine but we do not have all the cues right or maybe our confidence is a bit low. Some people have scars they feel they can’t show in the general dating or hook up scenario.
  14. In any case incel people are just people. Some incel people feel that if sex were more available than everything would be fixed. What if you want a family or a lasting relationship? What if you never meet anyone you want that with or who wants that with you? The real question I think some of us have to ask ourselves is how important is sex all by itself really?
  16. Ok I am done. If anybody reads this thanks. If no one does thanks for letting me vent. Bless you all.
  18. I’ve been there.  Many of us have.  Newly diagnosed and told you can’t eat gluten again.  Many thoughts go through your mind.  You think, “How can I possibly live gluten-free?” “What does this really mean?”  It’s a time for frustration, anger, doubts and many more emotions.   And it’s alright to have those emotions.