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  13. I am a Certified Dietitian that has made quite a name in the industry. Having excellent experience and vast knowledge in food and diet,I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Food Science and Technology from a renowned University of Pakistan. Currently, I am working in a Government Institute as a Dietitian Instructor in Pakistan. My nature of work involves teaching students about the importance of medical nutrition, various food diets, and guidelines on how to live a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. I keep a keen interest in teaching and sharing insightful guides on how you can balance a healthy diet without having to avoid your favorite food items. I am also registered with the Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society, making her one of the top reliable dieticians in the field.
  14. Being a Pakistani, I realize that it is very difficult to maintain a healthy diet, especially with all the spicy Pakistani dishes that we consume. I believe that enjoying all the desi cuisine is justified but with keeping a balance with all the nutrients. I firmly believes that a person should enjoy all types of tastes and cuisines within a certain limit, rather than completely avoiding or consuming a specific list of food items.