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  1. Business name
  2. Kior media
  3. Address
  4. Dubai , UAE
  5. Business Phone
  6. +971 52 324 6074
  7. Website URL
  9. Business Email
  10. GMB
  12. Description
  13. Our journey started out in 2016 by freelancers specialized in Social media, digital marketing, public relations, photography and graphic design. Gladly, our work expanded to Saudi Arabia, London, Jordan, UAE and US. We proudly accomplished more than 150 successful projects. In 2021, we launched KIOR MEDIA advertising agency in UAE with more than 40 employees on board. Our team consists of graphic designers, photographers, content creators, marketeers and programers. We have on board a team full of creativity, brilliance and genuine work drive that make them stand out with excellency in the middle east. We are ready to help more than 230 countries achieve their marketing and advertising goals with proficiency.
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