From Aqua Plover, 1 Year ago, written in Plain Text.
  14.  “Do what I say.” He grabbed his dick from my mouth and slapped my cheeks with it. “Now!” I took my time. I licked his testicles. Slowly sucked on each one, and then taking them both in my mouth flicking my tongue on the skin beneath it. Grabbing his thick cock in one hand I trailed my tongue all the way up his shaft taking him deep in my throat in one swallow. Never taking my eyes off him I dragged my tongue lower and lower stopping between his cheeks. He moaned louder and spread his legs to give me better access. I watched his face twist and turn in delight as I flicked my tongue and ran circles that sent twitches through his body. Licking my way back up then down again I stroked his manhood.
  15. Masturbation lowers your energy-level and sexual aggressiveness. I guarantee that if you made a conscious effort to jack your dick no more than once a week you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your sex life. Personally I would say to limit it to once a month if you’re really backed up unless of course if you’re having a girl come over later for some loving then by all means jack off prior to her arrival to improve your stamina because there’s nothing worst then fucking a girl and her not getting her orgasm.
  17. I walk in the door and there is nothing but darkness too tired to find the light switch I take my chances of walking in dropping my bags as I walk. I finally hit my destination, the kitchen. I find the bottle that I’ve been thinking about for the last five hours of my day. A glass, a few ice cubes and the magic potion the will ease the tension in my body. I kick off the four inch heels that have been catching attention all day. I walk back into the darkness to find the sofa so I can really enjoy my attempt at mixology. With each sip the stress of day leaves a little then my minds wonders to what will completely loosen the tightness in my neck. I look at the clock and realize the I have one hour to prepare for what it is I need the most. I unearth myself from the comfort I found in my house. While still taking in my potion I find my way to the tub and began to run the water and the sound sends me into a place of relaxation that I’ve thought about since I left the house this morning. My clothes fall to the floor piece by piece and I let the hot water touch my feet then calf and finally the rest of me. As I sit I touch myself thinking of how what I’m waiting for will touch me. I close my eyes and I have reached a place of relaxation that