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  1. S. H. Automotive
  2. Contact:
  3. Address: 1017 Highway 70 W, Alamogordo, NM 88310
  4. Phone:
  5. 575-446-9082
  6. Website URL:
  8. About US:
  9. Whether you've had a fender bender or a major collision, it pays to know where to take your vehicle in Alamogordo. Providing body repair, painting, refinishing, glass repair, and car towing services, S. H. Automotive is clearly the pick of the litter. S.H. Automotive opened the Doors to the public in February of 2017. Stefan (Doc), has of 20 years of experience in working on European cars. First he worked on Mopeds and small Motorcycles, then in 1997 he started a education as car mechanic on Volkswagen and Audi in Germany. During the years he worked on any kind of European vehicles, also while enlisted in the German Air Force.. Our talented team have been delivering quality work for years and have the ability to bring your car back to like-new condition after a wreck.
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  12. Hours:
  13. Monday-Friday 08:30AM to 05:30PM

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