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  11. Natalie Portman has more of that classical beauty girl next door look. Another one like that is Jennifer Love Hewitt. “Objectively” speaking, I think it is hard to dispute Natalie Portman has a prettier, more symmetrical face than KK. What does KK’s face look like minus all the makeup? Natalie Portman has the type of face that looks pretty with basically zero makeup. And then again, figure/body type I think it just depends on your preference. I personally like petite girls or girls who mix the petiteness with some muscularity (I am a bodybuilder so I do like the muscular look but NOT overdone, not too ripped an not too big). Here’s one that blows KK out of the water for me:
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  15. Anyways, I’d bet a decent sum that KK would not beat Natalie Portman by much if at all if you took an extensive survey across a wide sample of men (not just one ethnic or racial group)
  17. 123Mike September 6, 2010 at 3:52 am
  18. Indifference works in the short term – it will get a woman working to win your approval and attention. But it flames out fast – no woman wants a real relationship with a guy who is indifferent to her. If he is feigning indifference to secure or maintain her attraction, he quickly paints himself into a corner – when to show the real “me.”
  20. The key is pacing. Many betas show way too much excitement, enthusiasm, interest too early. They act like they are “in love” after a few dates. In contrast, the alpha could be “seeing you” (where seeing means nothing more then sex for that night, maybe you are his Thursday girl) for months and show no true emotional interest at all. The beta just needs to slow down and ramp up the emotional part much slower. But total indifference for months with an abrupt shift to intense devotion is just going to seem bizarre.
  22. 124Mike September 6, 2010 at 3:58 am
  23. I do find it amusing that Roissy would write a post about the sexual mercenary. Takes one to know one?
  25. My writing there wasn’t the clearest. I forgot what his classifications were. The term “sexual mercenary” is actually something I came up with myself. Like I said, I spent some time bouncing so I was able to spend some time with “hired gun” types. It was a very eye-opening experience to see how these women acted, what they said, what they believed, how they viewed men. They really are completely unsuitable for LTRs/marriage. They are the ones who will cheat and/or divorce and try and take the guy for whatever they can.