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  1. I can not sleep or lay flat, on occasion even speaking became too tough to do at instances because of the fact I become winded and wheezing. I went again to the doctor in March '19 and modified into diagnosed with persistent bronchitis. So all of this has been nicely over a 12 months and now. I researched and studied and came upon this device. I definitely genuinely opened this package deal and attempted it two instances and come to be delivered to tears. My 1st 2 tries I changed  AirPhysio Device  into capable of remedy mucus...Without or any steroids. I did it as directed for 10minutes and started out crying all once more. I turned into capable of clean greater mucus than after I am at the nebulizer. At this 2d I can inhale and exhale without coughing. I will   Keilini Heater   come lower again and do some other assessment in approximately a month or so. I definitely have used the “flutter” tool earlier than in the hospital. Now days you can purchase greater merchandise on-line. So I seemed it up and located your tool.