From Commodious Cassowary, 1 Year ago, written in Plain Text.
  10. Back when I was still starting to make sense of the dynamics between men and women, I found myself giving lots of excuses. Like one of my early mentors, Val, would tell you, I would go out for 4-5 hours on some days and not do a single approach. I was always waiting for the right moment.  My inexperience was what caused my mind to wander and make me nervous. The truth is, in those seemingly “perfect” moments, there was a very real chance that things were not as perfect as I thought they were. It was very possible that a girl who was alone and bored (2 positive requisites for a successful interaction) was actually having some alone time and does not want to be disturbed.
  12. In my experience thus far, I’ll strongly believe : There is no perfect moment.
  14. So what should I do?
  16. There are many ways in which a person can solve this problem (drink alcohol, getting someone to push them, drug abuse etc.). But I want to share with you my personal and most favorite solution.
  18. Challenge your assumptions. Developing a good understanding of the dynamics between men and women (which is what TDD specializes in) will help immensely. The more knowledge I had, the clearer things became and the more confident I was. With this new found knowledge and confidence, it was a lot easier to approach a woman despite these assumptions I had in my head.
  20. Be comfortable with success and failure. There is no such thing as PERFECTION. If you have been thinking that there will be a magic pill out there that will bring you instant success with women, let me smash that belief for you right now : There isn’t. As rare as they are, I am not ashamed to admit it : there are times where I did not have a successful interaction. These times are usually due to logistics and matters I can not control. What I do is this : Celebrate from the successes, learn the lessons from the failures and move on.